Terms and Conditions

Product use

Cheetah Marine’ standard range of components are intended for leisure use only. Commercial specifications are available upon request. All materials used are marine grade, but upholstery is not waterproof and we recommend the use of waterproof covers. These are available from Cheetah Marine.

Our consoles can be fitted into a large range of boats. Choice is made based on dimensions and style. We recommend that our consoles are purchased through an experienced marine dealer. Your dealer will assist you in the choice and suitability of components and supply other auxiliary items you may need, however, if you do have any queries about the products being supplied please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

Cheetah Marine have no control over the manner in which their products are fitted or used and cannot be held responsible for damages or injury arising from incorrect component choice, fitting or use. All products are designed for use in Category C and D boats.

Please note: Dimensions of individual boats can vary from those give in the manufacturers’ catalogues. If space is critical, we suggest that you measure the actual position in which the unit is to be installed.


This guarantee is between Cheetah Marine and the original purchaser. It is not extended to the end-user if this differs from the original purchaser. Products are guaranteed for 12 months against structural manufacturing defects. If the product is found to be defective within the relevant time period, we will replace all defective parts. Any item which is suspected to be defective must be returned to Cheetah Marine factory for assessment. All repairs must be approved by Cheetah Marine whose decision will be final.

Customers should note that Cheetah Marine products are hand built in modest volumes. Whilst great care is taken during manufacture, the nature of the GRP process and other techniques involved may result in minor surface blemishes and/ or variations in finish. These type of small imperfections have no impact on the strength of our products, they are not considered faults and are not covered by our guarantee.

Cheetah Marine are not liable for costs of removal or transport of products to Cheetah Marine for assessment. Cheetah Marine will not be liable for haul-out, launching, towing or storage charges, inconvenience or loss of time or income or any other special of consequential damages of any kind or nature.

This guarantee does not cover defects caused by or resulting from:

a) misuse, abuse or failure to follow the care instructions applied to the product,

b) commercial, business or racing use,

c) damage caused by foreign objects, substances or accident,

d) fair wear and tear,

e) structural modification,

f) repair of alteration so as to affect its use and operation

This guarantee is offered in addition to, and does not affect your statutory rights.


Copyright in these designs is owned by Cheetah Marine. It is an offence to copy these mouldings/ products or any part without the authorisation of Cheetah Marine and legal action will be taken should this occur.