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    Steering Consoles

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    Jockey consoles and seats

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    Bench Seating

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    Lean Posts

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    Deck Lockers

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    Helm Seats & Pedestals


Welcome to Outhill

The established range of Outhill products are now being produced and marketed by Cheetah Marine, worldwide leaders in outboard powered catamaran design and manufacture.

Cheetah Marine have produced nearly 400 boats in 24 years and are proud to have acquired Outhill as part of our ongoing development programme.

Established for over 30 years and with a reputation for quality and innovation the Outhill products complement the level of customisation that Cheetah offer the individual needs of their customers. The range offers possibly the most extensive range of rib seating, jockey seats, seating consoles, deck lockers and accessories available in Europe today.

Today the products are used all over the world in craft such as Avon, Bombard, Zodiac, Zeppelin, Grandbanks, Sunseeker, Tornado, Humber, Corvette and many more.

Some of our available products